Keeping an eye on details

The expectations of clients to always have the latest technology in both the pocket and the car lead the automobile manufacturer in partly ”difficult terrain“.  When looking at the different concepts of the built-in applications, their technical components and the appropriate control systems, there is an immense diversity. It is questionable if it can be expected from the manufacturer of a vehicle to always install the latest technology and e.g. to ensure the integration of new smartphone generations into the Infotainment System. Adapting the production cycles of a vehicle series to that of a smartphone model can hardly be realized. Why? The IT would not only need to be compliant but also ahead of time with regards to data security and data protection!

The IT already supports the manufacturing process of a vehicle at many different places. It starts with the vision that is technically planned, tested for feasibility, developed as a prototype and presented for serial production. Then follows the actual production, which is followed by maintenance and recycling. In all these places, plants, suppliers and distributors are involved. It is their task to design, implement and maintain mobility and to make parts of consumption at the end of their life cycle specifically available for recycling.  IT systems that should support all participants in the process chain with their tasks help to have and maintain an overview. For the manufacturer, this support is often represented in a lot of software with many interfaces and all kinds of possibilities to import, process, output or correct data. Apart from the software for the production of the vehicle, new models, in accordance with customer requirements, with additional features (e.g. gesture-controlled operation, installation of head-up-displays, voice recognition and linking to smartphone functions) need to be understood. This requires additional management and control software which – involuntarily – increases complexity. This makes it even more necessary to “keep an eye on the details instead of losing oneself in them and thus jeopardizing competitiveness.


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

Key figures and threshold values

In many areas of the company, key figures are an important tool for monitoring and controlling. To make a process chain function effectively, it is increasingly important to put the focus of the overall monitoring on IT key figures as well. Those figures are always required when measuring if the processes of an IT organization are satisfactory or where they can still be optimized

As external“ consultants we can provide independent recommendations that  allow a simple, structured and always scalable collaboration on a high quality level. On the basis of the framework conditions you provide, we define clearly measurable key figures – with the aim to make the IT service provision more efficient. We integrate the new control functions into your management system or establish a new system and support you when implementing from theory into praxis, if required. We evaluate the internal and external process results and provide recommendations for improvement. To do so, we apply standards and best practices like suggested key figures from ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) as well as our own empirical data.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

What is your advantage?

Key figures and threshold values

    • By defining the KPIs that are crucial for you,
      • dependencies in the process chain can be detected
      • changes can be recognized and assessed faster
      • weak points and wrong decisions can be fixed earlier and
      • aims can be defined more precisely
    • Relatively complex economic facts that are simplified (presented as numbers) are available for you and can be compared
    • The implementation of a monitoring tool allows for a continuous, better complete overview of all processes
    • Future decisions that you will make are based on reliable data

An effective monitoring and controlling tool is available for you. The gained transparency can serve as a basis to increase the value!