Further details regarding communication

According to our experience, relationship problems can be solved if all information on an issue is received to be viewed objectively and a common understanding is achieved in a dialogue. This can often be called a compromise. If a patient has sufficient superficial knowledge obtained from proven unscientific medial sources, he can involve a physician who is concentrated on specialist literature in lengthy, not very meaningful discussions. If the physician could find out about the sources available to the patient at a glance, such discussions could be quickly closed, and one could turn towards the recovery process. Notwithstanding, a patient should generally have time for a discussion with his physician.

To prevent said relationship problems e.g. an information card for physician and patient (likewise) would be ideal. From the card, one could learn about the findings of third parties (laboratories), therapies that, based on patient parameters, will enable patients to recover rapidly, how successful these therapies have been in studies, which innovations have been made in this field, how reliable new therapies are considered or which feedbacks from colleagues regarding a new therapy have been received. Not least, the card should be complemented with those topics offered as so-called top results in the relevant search engines.

ChallengeIT will not be able to solve these challenges conclusively. However, we already pursue approaches to organize the exchange of information between laboratory and physician in a way that the physician receives relevant suggestions regarding the therapy that he can completely or partially pass on to the patient. Thereby, the objective and comprehensive consultation of the patient by the physician is still guaranteed. This is ensured not least because of the individual selection of the amount of information. 


What can ChallengeIT do for you?

Repositories adjusted to your needs reduce communication problems through access to relevant, reliable and sound information.

A consistent IT infrastructure based on certain standards is probably the best condition to realize these requirements, even if only partially. Before the foundation for this special service is laid, the method suitable for you needs to be developed. ChallengeIT provides you with the necessary experts and expertise to enhance existing sources of data with suitable methods and measures. The aim is to add a special unique feature to the conducted analyses to provide support to your clients and to reduce or eliminate disease, restriction and suffering.

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What is your advantage?


  • Sound information composed as required that you can use by yourself and / or make available to your clients. This can also contribute to a faster recovery or to a better result in a shorter time span.
  • The provision of an extensive packet of knowledge offers the possibility to provide to different parties the best possible basis to make a decision.
  • Objectively compiled information provides a useful basis for communication to nip misunderstandings and “relationship problems” in the bud.